View SBNN's Teen Lures TV Newscast and related story, "Kids Work to Prevent Child Abuse."


View SBNN (South Burlington Network News) students broadcasting The Affection Lure Newscast live throughout Frederick H. Tuttle School.

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View North Chicago Community High School broadcasting The Authority Lure Newscast. This broadcast is led by N. Chicago HS's Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) and AT&T Aspire Students.

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Have you ever had the desire to be a newscaster, TV personality or news anchor? Well, this is an opportunity to try it out in your own school. By anchoring the Teen Lures TV Newscast, you can educate your classmates about sexual crimes and how to avoid falling victim to these crimes.

Sexual criminals make local and national headlines on a daily basis, and it may surprise you to know that most are never caught. They live in every neighborhood in every state, and are usually someone we know and should be able to trust. Some are even our friends and peers. Those who are caught have typically committed dozens of crimes before their first arrest. Their victims often include teens. The good news is that most of these crimes are preventable...and we can help!

The Teen Lures TV Newscast provides an excellent opportunity for middle and high school students to actively participate in preventing sexual crimes against teens and youth. Students serve as news anchors, offering their peers safety solutions in the face of troubling news.

The Teen Lures TV Newscast consists of nine (9) video News Clips, each with a corresponding News Anchor Script. Each video News Clip reveals a technique sexual predators use to lure teens, college students, and even adults into sexual assault, abduction and worse. Corresponding Anchor Scripts provide lead-ins and tags for each video News Clip. (See sample video News Clip and Anchor Script --->.)

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Click here to view sample Anchor Script.

The following video News Clips can be found on Teen Lures TV Newscast.

News Clip #1 - Authority......1:45
This news piece demonstrates the dangerous realities of blindly obeying authority figures and reminds viewers of their right to question authority.

News Clip #2 - Assistance......1:16
Most people like to be helpful, but witness in this clip how lending a helping hand may put teens in compromising situations.

News Clip #3 - Ego/Fame......1:54
This news clip reveals how quickly people forget about their personal safety when opportunity knocks.

News Clip #4 - e-Lure......1:23
Teens know how to avoid online creeps, but how vulnerable are they to questions posed by seemingly caring online acquaintances?

News Clip #5 - Name......1:46
This newscast demonstrates the importance of keeping your guard up - even when someone knows your name.

News Clip #6 - Games......:43
Online gaming is relaxing and fun for teens. This news clips shows how to keep it that way and avoid bullying, harassment and sexual exploitation.

News Clip #7 - Emergency......:54
See how an emergency or time-sensitive opportunity can short-circuit a teen's instincts.

News Clip #8 - Affection......:55
In this newscast, a convicted sexual criminal tells viewers how he conned his way to his victims.

News Clip #9 - Trafficking....:59
See one teen's story of how she was lured into sex trafficking. "I never, ever thought something like this could happen to me, but it did. Looking back, I can see how he manipulated me."

News Clip #10 - Pet......1:29
This clip showcases a lure typically used on younger kids, but it's important for teens to see it in action because they often babysit younger siblings and neighbors. Teens are also offered pet-sitting and pet care opportunities. Megan's Law (sex offender notification) is the namesake of murdered preteen Megan Kanka, who fell prey to her neighbor's invitation to see his new litter of puppies.

By introducing each video clip with the scripted lead-in and wrapping up the clip with a closing tag, student anchors provide viewers with specific prevention strategies for staying safe. Video News Clip transcripts and suggested local tie-ins are also included with the scripts. Students are encouraged to incorporate as many local stories and tie-ins as possible.

The Teen Lures TV Newscast may be taped and broadcast in-house on your school/school district's closed-circuit TV system. Schools without broadcast and/or taping capabilities may simply perform the Newscast live, either in-class and for peer assembly audiences. Broadcast on local cable TV provides outreach to families, educators, media, law enforcement and child advocacy groups in your community.

The Teen Lures TV Newscast can be used to complement different areas of a school's curriculum, including Social Studies, English, Health classes, Public Speaking, Theater and Media Arts programs.

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